Ferrari Challenge Europe | Imola 2024

10/19, 2024

Where to watch Ferrari Challenge Europe | Imola 2024?
How to watch Ferrari Challenge Europe | Imola 2024?

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Imola | Qualifying 1
Sat, October 19, 2024
Imola | Coppa Shell AM Race 1
Sat, October 19, 2024
Imola | Trofeo Pirelli Race 1
Sat, October 19, 2024
Imola | Coppa Shell & 488 Race 1
Sat, October 19, 2024
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Imola | Qualifying 2
Sun, October 20, 2024
Imola | Coppa Shell AM Race 2
Sun, October 20, 2024
Imola | Trofeo Pirelli Race 2
Sun, October 20, 2024
Imola | Coppa Shell & 488 Race 2
Sun, October 20, 2024
Avaliable on these services:
Avaliable on these services:
Avaliable on these services:

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Event Description

Mark your calendars for October 16th-20th, 2024, because the legendary Imola racetrack will reverberate with the thunderous roar of Ferrari engines at the Imola Finali Mondiali. This prestigious event isn’t just a race; it’s a celebration of Ferrari’s motorsport heritage and a culmination of the year-long Ferrari Challenge championships.

The on-track action is the undisputed highlight. The Ferrari Challenge, a single-make championship featuring the sleek and powerful Ferrari 296 Challenge car, takes center stage. Here, champions from Europe, North America, and Asia, who have battled fiercely throughout their respective seasons, converge on Imola to settle who reigns supreme. Witnessing these skilled drivers push the limits of their Ferraris around the demanding Imola circuit, with its iconic corners like Tamburello and Variante Alta, promises an adrenaline-pumping spectacle.

But the Finali Mondiali is more than just a single championship showdown. Ferrari enthusiasts will be treated to a veritable feast for the eyes. Imagine a parade of prancing horses, both historic and cutting-edge. Classic Ferraris, testaments to the brand’s rich racing legacy, will share the tarmac with the latest creations from Maranello. The exclusive XX Programme cars, hyper-focused machines built for ultimate track performance, might even grace the track with their presence.

F1 Clienti single-seaters, the same cars used by Ferrari in Formula One competition, could also make an appearance, offering a glimpse into the pinnacle of motorsport. And don’t forget the Club Competizioni GT machines, designed to dominate endurance racing. These diverse Ferraris, each representing a unique chapter in the brand’s story, promise a visually captivating experience.

The off-track festivities at the Finali Mondiali are just as enticing. Ferrari usually curates a range of activities that cater to every kind of motorsport enthusiast. Expect captivating exhibitions showcasing Ferrari’s technological prowess and design innovation. Meet-and-greets with legendary Ferrari drivers could be a chance to brush shoulders with racing royalty. Stroll through rows of merchandise stores, brimming with exclusive Ferrari apparel and collectibles, to commemorate this special event. And, who knows, Ferrari might even set up simulator experiences to let fans virtually experience the thrill of driving a Ferrari on the iconic Imola track.

The Imola Finali Mondiali Ferrari 2024 promises to be an unforgettable extravaganza. It’s a chance to witness the pinnacle of Ferrari racing, celebrate the brand’s heritage, and immerse yourself in the world of the Prancing Horse.