Trans Am National | Pitt Race 2024

06/08, 2024

Where to watch Trans Am National Championship | Pitt Race 2024?
How to watch Trans Am National Championship | Pitt Race 2024?

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Pitt Race TA2 Main Race
Sat, June 8, 2024
75 min
Pitt Race TA/XGT/SGT/GT Main Race
Sun, June 9, 2024
75 min
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The Trans Am Series presented by Pirelli makes its much-anticipated return to the Pittsburgh International Race Complex (PIR) for the 2024 Pitt Race, scheduled for June 7th to 9th. This marks only the second time the series has graced the Pennsylvania track, with Lawrence Loshak securing victory in the TA class back in 2018.

The high-octane weekend will see a limited selection of classes hit the asphalt. TA, XGT, SGT, and GT cars will be the stars of the show, battling it out for supremacy on the challenging 2.77-mile circuit.

TA, the premier class of Trans Am, features powerful muscle cars like Chevrolet Camaros and Dodge Challengers, extensively modified for peak performance. Expect to see door-to-door racing and heart-stopping maneuvers as drivers push these machines to the limit.

Sharing the track will be the technologically advanced XGT class. These purpose-built race cars, with unrestricted aerodynamics packages and intricate technical configurations, will be a sight to behold.

Rounding out the field are the SGT and GT classes. SGT cars are production-based sports GTs with some modifications for racing, while GT allows for a wider range of modifications on a production sports car platform. This mix of classes promises a diverse display of racing styles and vehicle capabilities.

Building up to the main event, expect practice and qualifying sessions throughout Friday and Saturday. These sessions will be crucial for drivers to fine-tune their cars and secure the best starting positions for Sunday’s race.

Come race day, the atmosphere will be electric as fans witness these high-performance machines duel for checkered flag glory. The close-knit nature of the PIR allows spectators to get up close to the action, feeling the thunderous roar of the engines and the raw energy of the competition.

Whether you’re a die-hard Trans Am fan or simply seeking a thrilling motorsport experience, the 2024 Pitt Race promises an unforgettable weekend. Witness the pinnacle of American road racing talent push the boundaries of speed and strategy, all set against the backdrop of Pennsylvania’s picturesque landscape.